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Creating art is a style of life: the place, the light and the atmosphere are part of this creative act. This is why each of us chooses the place to be, the landscape to observe and the life they want to live.I have chosen the Tuscan countryside with its rhythms and lights:everything here has its own sense of time and its own meaning. My studio is on the hills of the Chianti region, at San Casciano Val di Pesa in an old farmhouse. Read more...

I have chosen to share my studio because with others new ideas and projects are born. Marina's art studio, my studio, is a place to relax, create, listen and understand. I keep these experiences of sharing and transmit them in my lessons of painting, ceramics, oil painting and in the courses for children that I hold periodically. I find them in the smiles of the children who paint with me and in the relaxed faces of the adults who decide to spend time doing something different and cultivating the creative side of their nature.

You can learn art, as you can learn life. You can decide to love it, to express it in the unfolding of time and in experiences and troubles. We choose the colours to paint with, the techniques to use in creating a picture, the form we wish to give to our projects, and, as often happens, the unexpected arrives.

It may seem at first to be a mistake, so we work on the technique, the drawing and the composition, but then it surprises us: it is art.

This is life in my art studio, this is my art studio.

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