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Marina's has been passionate about art since her childhood, using a wide range of materials and spending her time at the ''knutselclub'' in Holland, a place where children can etch, weld, paint, use clay and express themselves freely with their art. The studio that Marina later opens to her pupils has this characteristic, inspired by her childhood.

After secondary school, Marina's works in Aix en Provence in France at the atelier of the painter Jacques Letrosne where she prepares work to be admitted to the Minerva di Groningen Accademy in Holland. Here she successfully completes her foundation year but moves on to the Academie Ruud Wacers in Amsterdam in the search of a more classically-orientated school. After three years of drawing in Amsterdam, she begins painting but is disappointed with the teaching and finally finds what she is looking for at the Academy of Art in Florence.

Marina's instruction in Florence gives her the confidence to open her own studio and teach. Her studio has made several moves but the students follow her; some have worked with her for eight years.

Exhibitions in many countries and commissions for oil paintings in the classical style are followed by five years in which Marina devotes her time exclusively to teaching and to the production of bronze sculptures exhibited in galleries in Holland and Italy and sold in the Americas and Europe.

In 2015 Marina begins painting again in a completely new style. Her mastery of the classical style allows her to begin working back to a contemporary style in the search of freedom of expression.

The horses on coloured backgrounds are the first paintings in this new direction and are sold in exhibitions and sent to Holland and Switzerland.

Presently inspired by her beloved Italian cities and other cities of the world, Marina is attracted by accumulations of houses, churches and cathedrals, by cities in one colour, by decay, by the mixing of modern and classical , as in her formation. So, Marina's art continues to evolve.

Her work is present in the following galleries:

Marina is also active on Instagram where she has many followers in the world of art and design.