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The ceramics courses are made up of a series of lessons essentially based on painting techniques. Once you have mastered the necessary skills, you move on to painting on biscuit-fired clay. This can be free expression or decoration, the student may choose. You can also choose the biscuit in the form you prefer: plates, cups or a whole dinner set!

When you have painted your objects, they are taken to the kiln where, before firing, they are dipped in a glaze. The result will be beautifully painted, shiny ceramics. This course is suitable and open to adults and children, even to those who already have painting experience because it is a further enrichment of your technique. It also offers the possibility to create personalised everyday objects.

An unconventional Birthday party!

A pleasant alternative to a conventional party is to celebrate a birthday with a group of friends, creating a set of personalised ceramics that will remain a precious memory of the person whose birthday you are celebrating!